How much is the rent?

Answer: Please contact the Resident Manager.

How much is the deposit?

Answer: An $800 refundable Security Deposit, plus a $200 Non-Refundable Administrative Fee is required.

Are utilities included?

Answer: Mt. Rainier maintains the septic system. The Tenant is responsible for water, garbage, and electric, as well as phone, internet, and cable.

Is yard maintenance required by tenants or managers?

Answer: All yard maintenance (mowing, weed eating, weeding, etc.) is the Tenant’s responsibility.

Are pets allowed? If so, how much are the fees?

Answer: In most units, pets are allowed. A non-refundable fee of: $300.00 per dog and $150 per cat are required. Limit are: 2 cats or 1 cat and 1 small dog (up to15 lbs.), or 2 small dogs (up to 15 lbs. each) or 1 medium dog up to 25 lbs. No Pit bulls, Rottweilers or Dobermans are allowed. For information specific to the unit under consideration, please speak to the Resident Manager.

How much is the screening fee?

Answer: The screening fee is $40.00 per adult. If the adults are married and have the same last name, only one fee ($40.00) is required. If adults are not married it is $40.00 for each person.

What do you look for in the screening?

Answer: We run a credit report and criminal record for the past 7 years.

Are campers and boats allowed?

Answer: Campers, boats,RVs, and trailers are not allowed on the property, nor heavy trucks or equipment, i.e. semis, flatbeds,etc.

Is there a restriction on how many vehicles I can have parked on the property?

Answer: Yes. There are allowed a maximum of 3 vehicles per household. All vehicles must have current registration, be operable, and not leaking any fluids.

May I change the oil of my auto or do other repairs?

Answer: No. Auto repairs are not allowed on the property, including an oil change.

Do you require Renter’s Insurance?

Answer: Renter’s Insurance is recommended, but not a requirement unless you have an aquarium or fish tank.

What school district is in the area?

Answer: White River School District


Washington Landlord Tenant Laws, the Rental Agreement or Lease, as well as the Rules and Regulations presented to, and signed by, the ‘Applicant’, supersede the information contained in the FAQ’s listed above.